This project is a county-level initiative that grew in response to needs uncovered by service community representatives assisting victims of domestic violence. It became apparent that many domestic violence victims had multiple and special needs that sometimes went undetected, making it unusually difficult to help them find safety and support. It became clear that more than the informal and person-to-person linkages between the service provider community and the domestic violence service provider community was needed to enable all involved to serve clients with dual needs effectively.

A desk manual is available to assist the Westchester service community to improve identification of and response to the needs of survivors of domestic violence. It includes the needs of: 

  • the elderly
  • the disabled
  • those with mental illness or impairment
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning people
  • those with HIV/AIDS
  • teenagers
  • groups marginalized by race, color, religion, and/or immigration status

For information on domestic violence trainings related to the special needs population, contact the Office for Women.