The annual training conference as well as individual department trainings are available. 

The Westchester County Police Chiefs Association co-sponsors an annual conference with the Office for Women and District Attorney’s Office. Training manuals and resource materials are distributed to each attendee. We have included a wide variety of topics in these trainings, such as:

  • DV Issues; Federal and State Gun Laws; Judges from Family Court; Integrated DV Court 
  • Stalking in the Context of DV; Review of Primary Physical Aggressor
  • DV and the Children
  • Elder Abuse & Neglect; The Revised DIR
  • Sexual Violence - A Collaborative Response
  • Role of 1st Responding Police Officer in Child Abuse Cases
  • Police Response to Violence Against Women & Children; Trafficking
  • Stalking; New “Fair Access to Family Court Law”
  • Strangulation; DV & Community Policing
  • A DV Murder; Westchester County’s Family Justice Center; New Guidelines for Identification Procedures - Best Practices
  • Officer Safety in Response to a DV Call; Legal Updates; New NYS DIR Repository; Victim Notification of Orders of Protection; Family and Integrated DV Court Judges
  • Elder Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Financial & Sexual; DV & The Military
  • Response to DV Incident with Children Present, New DV Laws, DIR Repository, DIRs & Probation, EDPs and DV
  • Police Response to Sexual Violence and Trauma Informed Coordinated Community Response, Cultural Difference with DV & Sexual Assault, Special Sex Crimes in Westchester
  • Starting a Conversation About Officer Stress & Wellness
  • Improving Police Response to Intimate Partner Violence & Special Populations
  • Best Practices for Interviewing Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Stalking, Cyber Sniffing and Sex Trafficking
  • Lethality Assessment in DV Cases / Sex Trafficking
  • Saving Lives...A Westchester Partnership

Individual department trainings fit the request of the chief on any and all domestic violence issues. Police Domestic Violence Training Manuals along with videos are used. Trainings for police departments are available upon request.

For more information or to request a department training, contact the Office for Women.