Knowledge is power -- knowing what to do now can save your life later. Phone numbers to call for help and support with domestic violence are listed on a card at the back of this booklet. Keep it in a safe place. Memorize some of the numbers.

Domestic violence programs
There are programs in Westchester County and throughout New York State that provide services for women who are abused. You do not have to go into a shelter to use these programs.

They provide:

  • 24-Hour Hotlines with someone to listen and talk to you. You don't have to give your name.
  • Information and referrals to help you.
  • Counseling services in which a trained domestic violence advocate can help you think through your situation and options.
  • Help negotiating the systems you may need to use: police, courts, shelters, social services. Most of these programs are free. Those with a fee are based on your ability to pay.

Internet Web sites
There are many Web sites for information about domestic violence and how to deal with it. Before going to a site, be aware that it is very possible that your abuser could trace the site you've visited on your home computer. Again, it is never possible to be sure that you have covered your tracks. With the right equipment, an abuser can track what you do on your computer, even remotely.

Use a “safer” computer to which your abuser does not have access - at a library, an Internet café, or at the home of a trusted friend.

There are various Web sites with domestic violence resources you may want to visit from a safe computer.