The materials below are available for download. To request materials call (914) 995-5972 or use the online request form

OFW Services
  A list of services, programs and publications offered by the Office for Women.
Domestic Violence Pamphlet and Flyer
  Signs of abuse--what to look for, know your rights in court and who to call for help.
Understanding the Courts Pamphlet
  Victims’ rights, what the courts may do for you, and things to consider
Domestic Violence & People with Disabilities Pamphlet
  Information and resources for people with disabilities.
Hispanic Outreach Program Card
  A list of services we provide for the Spanish-speaking community.
LGBT Resources & Informational Pamphlet
  Information and resources for the LGBT community.
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Resource List
      A list of local and state domestic violence/sexual assault resources