Coordinated Response to Campus Sexual Assault

Westchester County Office for Women, in partnership with Mercy College, held a two-day conference on "Campus Sexual Assault: What Colleges Need to Know."

Presentations (click to view, where applicable):

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma – Carol Chu-Peralta, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse, Westchester Jewish Community Services
  • Responding to Sexual Assault, Start by Believing – Det. Lt. Eric Fischer, White Plains Police Department
  • Elements of the Crime – Michelle Lopez, Deputy Chief, Sex Crimes Office, Office of the Westchester County District Attorney
  • Evidence Based Practice in the Forensic Medical Assessment of Patients Presenting with Sexual Assault/Abuse – Lorraine Ronca, D.O., Assistant Director, Forensic Acute Care Team (FACT) and Karen Carroll, RN SANE-A NY-SAFE, Clinical Coordinator Forensic Acute Care Team, Westchester Medical Center
  • College Men and Sexual Aggression: What We Know Now – Karol Dean, Dean, Mercy College School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Ph.D., Personality Psychology)
  • Role of Probation in Sexual Assault Cases  – Ed Varela, Assistant Commissioner, Westchester County Department of Probation
  • Options for Court Intervention – Cindy Kanusher, Executive Director, Pace Women's Justice Center; Audrey Stone, Esq., Nardello & Co. LLC
  • “Reach Out” Mobile App –  Zachary Csillag, Capptivation
  • Background Discussion of Federal and State Legal Requirements – Kristen Bowes, Esq., General Counsel, Mercy College; Dennis Cariello, Esq., Hogan Marren Ltd.
  • Investigating Campus Cases – Kim Richmond, Director, The National Center for Campus Public Safety, Roberto Caban, Investigator, NYS University Police, Melissa Jones, Director for Community Standards, Catherine Van Bomel, Counselor and Victim Advocate, Purchase College
  • Coordination Between Campuses and Law Enforcement – Kim Richmond; Fredric Green, Chief of Special Prosecutions Division, Office of the Westchester County District Attorney; Chief Paul Oliva, Mt. Pleasant Police Department; Kristen Bowes
  • Adjudicating Campus Cases – Dennis Cariello, Esq. and Kitley Covill, Esq.
  • Scenarios – Dennis Cariello, Esq. and Kitley Covill, Esq.
  • Campus Student Education – Kathleen Malara, MSN, FNP, Executive Director, University Health Services, Fordham University
  • What is Down the Road? – Elizabeth Cronin, Esq., Director, NYS Office of Victim Services

Resources (click to view):